Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician | Diploma in Radiology Technician

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician Eligibility:

The candidate should have passed 10+2 or an equivalent examination with (Bi.P.C/M.P.C/C.E.C/M.E.C/ H.E.C)

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician Duration:

The duration of the course is 2 Years.

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician, How to Apply:

Candidates can apply for admission to Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician by visiting the official website of the institute they wish to apply to. The application process may include filling out an online application form, uploading scanned copies of required documents, and paying the application fee.

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician Application Fee:

The application fee for Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician may vary from college to college. The average application fee ranges from INR 1000/-.

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician Syllabus:

1st Year 2nd Year
Basics of Anatomy & Physiology, Basics of Biochemistry
Dark Room and Radiographic Techniques
Basics of Microbiology, Basics of Pathology
Ultra Sonography & Color Doppler
Hospital Awareness
MRI Techniques & Nuclear Medicine Technician

Diploma in Medical Lab Technician is a high level course:

The course covers the essentials of theoretical studies and clinical practice needed to become a Radiology technician capable to perform diagnostic imaging examinations such as X-Rays, CT scan, MRI scan on patients. After completing the course, students will have a wide scope of jobs in private and Government hospitals, private clinics, radiology lab.

The course contains the essential theoretical studies and clinical practice needed to become a qualified Diagnostic Radiographer. After passing the course candidates have a wide scope of jobs both in private and government hospitals.

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician Career Opportunities:

The role of Radiologist is constantly increasing in the imaging technician consisting of a different organ system of the human body such as X-ray, Ultra-sound, Sonography CT-Scan, MRI-scan, PET-scan, etc. The employment prospects of the radiographers are good both in India as well as abroad.

In India, the healthcare industry is creating a huge employability for radiologists in Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centres, Education, etc.

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician Salary:

The salary starts from INR 18,000 to 25,000/-, depending on the experience and post of the candidate. The remuneration can rise up to INR. 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs per annum.


1) 10th Marks Sheets
2) 12th Marks Sheets
3) Bonafide Certificate/School leaving certificate
4) Transfer certificate
5) Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe/Other Backward Caste certificates
6) Passport Size Photo
7) Aadhar Card
8) Migration Certificate (other than Telangana)

Advantages of Learning Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician

Signing up for a Certificate in Clinical Imaging Professional program presents a horde of benefits, situating you for a satisfying and dynamic vocation in medical care.

With an emphasis on cutting edge imaging abilities, the educational program outfits you with the mastery expected to perform different clinical imaging techniques, including X-beams, CT outputs, X-rays, and that’s just the beginning. The interest for gifted Clinical Imaging Professionals is on the ascent, guaranteeing various open positions in an assortment of medical care settings.

Your preparation goes past specialized capability; you become skilled at deciphering clinical pictures, assuming an essential part in helping doctors in precise findings. Involved insight with state of the art imaging hardware and innovation improves your pragmatic abilities, setting you up for the difficulties of the field.

The program not just opens ways to different vocation ways in clinics, demonstrative focuses, facilities, and exploration foundations yet additionally stresses the significance of a patient-driven approach. You contribute straightforwardly to patient consideration by delivering great demonstrative pictures pivotal for treatment arranging.

Moreover, the educational program digs into radiation security information, guaranteeing you work radiation-emanating gear with the highest level of wellbeing for the two patients and yourself. Joint effort with medical services groups turns into a critical part of your job, improving your capacity to give complete and precise symptomatic data.

Nonstop learning is energized, keeping you side by side of progressions in clinical imaging innovation. By picking a Certificate in Clinical Imaging Specialist, you set out on an excursion toward a satisfying medical services profession where your commitments fundamentally influence patient results and in general medical services quality.

Advantages of Learning Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician

Advantages of Medical Imaging Technician/ (Radiology Technician)

A radiologic technologist is a medical professional who helps produce body scans and images using imaging equipment like X-ray machines, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, computerized tomography (CT) scanners and sonography equipment. The images these machines produce can help doctors, nurses and other members of a patient’s care team diagnose medical issues and develop treatment plans.

Some technologists specialize in using specific equipment. Technologists primarily work in

  • Hospitals,
  • Clinics,
  • Laboratories
  • Private care facilities.

To qualify for the role, most technologists complete certification courses and trainings to become licensed.

Radiologic technologists have opportunities for advancement in their careers. The Radiology technician provides hand-on training in specific areas such as MRI or CT, or they can move into top positions, such as a Supervisor or Senior Radiologist. In charge Radiologic technologists can also pursue further education to become a radiologist assistant or a radiation therapist, among other options.

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